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When a traditional baking meets high technology

It's a smart touch control - intuitive, fast and user-friendly (like smart phones)

Large, high definition, color display shows everything that you need to know: target and actual temperature, program and baking time.

Smooth, robust glass surface allows quick cleaning. In addition, it is energy-saving (optimizing energy consumption).

iq nadzor


-- 7 or 9.2-inch (IQ Touch 7 or IQ Touch9) high definition, graphic color screen

-- 999 automatic baking programs, 1 manual baking program with the option of setting 10 steps of baking in each program

-- intuitive control equipment based on the principle of smart phones

-- individually adjustable menus - selecting already installed product photos or entering and using your own product images

-- choice of language - as many as 9 different languages

-- safety glass on the surface of the control unit

-- "SOUND MODULE": a large selection of signal sounds - e.g. finish of baking

-- network connection: LAN, WLAN (access point)

-- secure and stable software

-- the possibility of statistical processing and data analysis; measuring and displaying energy consumption

-- energy saving (optimization of energy consumption):

---- »SMART START« setting the time to when the stove is ready for baking

---- »STANDBY ECO« automatic deactivation of the furnace after a certain time

---- "POWER PILOT": the limit of the connection power

IQ TOUCH 9 features:

-- large LED scale in the colors of the traffic light - shows at what stage of baking process you are - easily seen from the distance

-- optional: removable SD card for automatic data backup

-- deck ovens: different oven variants: one temperature regime, several temperature regimes, baking in a single deck - decks or groups of decks that you are not using can be turned off

-- gradient baking: automatic adjustment of temperature and baking time when baking capacity changes (partial baking capacity)

IQ TOUCH can be found in these ovens:

R-evolution, Columbus, Infra, Piccolo, Comet, Compact

iq touch


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