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Fully-automatic as well as semi-automatic production of the widest variety of baked goods made from special bread dough, bread roll dough, yeast dough, topped pastry dough, short dough and puff pastry dough.

euroline izdelki


  • Cost-effective, fully-automatic production of the widest variety of pastry products on a compact line
  • Versatility: numerous additional specialty attachments that integrate easily into the system
  • Rugged and durable: Frames made of extra-strength stainless steel from top to bottom, end to end.
  • Cleaning as easy as it gets: ease of access to all angles and edges – the quick release mechanism makes it expecially easy
  • Quiet operation resulting from electrically-powered guillotine
  • Synchronized guillotine with additional "pressing" function makes possible an even greater product variety and the highest of quality
  • Compact, central and ergonomic control panel for all functions
  • Bigger and better touchscreen panel with user-friendly, multi-lingualoperator guide and intuitive controls
  • Separate tool trolleys available as optional equipment
  • Guaranteed safety through adherence to and application of the latest and most stringent safety standards.


  • Space requirements (basic unit) approx. 7,000 x 1,800 mm
  • Table height 900 mm
  • System height 1.800 mm
  • Table width 700 mm
  • Conveyor belt width 650 mm (dough sheet net approx. 600 mm)
  • Conveyor belt speed 0.6 - 8.0 m/min (stepless adjustable three-phase current drive)
  • Cutting frame entry height 40 mm


  • Baguettemoulder
  • Paper cutter insertion for guillotines
  • Wide variety of cutting and decorating rollers
  • Punching tools in many shapes and sizes
  • Various filling devices (30, 60) i.e. with intake rollers or solid body extrusion systems, exchangeable piston set
  • Folding plough unit in various shapes, sizes, and number of rows
  • Top sheet conveyor with calibrating head for production of a full-width double dough sheet
  • Moistening device
  • Strewing units for various strewing goods such as sugar, seeds, spices or cake streusel
  • Croissant roller CCH for coiling dough triangles into croissants, etc.
  • Line stoppage for the production of muffins and Amerikaner
  • Lattice cake table for the production of dough lattices
  • Tray cake table for the automated production of tray cakes
  • Automatic dough piece deposition baking tray withdrawal
  • Practical work surfaces and integrated telescope racks for the cutting rollers