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Fully-automatic as well as semi-automatic production of the widest variety of baked goods made from special bread dough, bread roll dough, yeast dough, topped pastry dough, short dough and puff pastry dough.

easyline izdelki


The EASYLINE is extremely compact in lenght, but still can produce a huge range of pastry products. The scope of possibilities includes cut, coiled or folded bakery products as well as filled or punched products. Compared to its predecessor, the new Easyline has been improved with the following innovations:

  • Standard calibrating head - with dough spool feeding, a continuous dough sheet with accurate and consistent tickness is created. This unit is an option for the Multiline
  • Modern drive technology - a belt drive with rotary encoder ensures regular transport of he dough sheet, which, among other things, allows precise control of the cutting lenght and pin-point accuracy when positioning the filling spot
  • Motor-driven guillotine - it can cut and punch out dough with a dynamic motor drive. The new motor-driven guillotine provides higher cycle rates and enhanced cutting accuracy, which markedly increases the working life of the Easyline. In addition, the guillotine is noticeably quiet.
  • Digital control - 100 different production programs are possible and can be stored either in the control unit or on external medium such as USB stick

The new control concept is implemented using a 10-inch touch screen display, which provides enhanced and clear operation with its high screen resolution and ergonomically arranged buttons

easyline giljotina2015guillotine


  • All purpose, economical pastry line - versatile and flexible
  • Modular components, thus fully adaptable to customer's product choices (also in steps)
  • Prepared for the future: can be easily adapted to future product changes
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Short changeover times, speedy product changes
  • More comfort due to higher degree of automation
  • Outstanding product quality resulting from precision feeding and exact cutting and filling etc.
  • Robust stainless-steel construction: Durable, clean in operation
  • Easy cleaning (also of the easily dismountable hopper)
  • Automatic traying up of dough pieces (optional)
  • PLC
  • Short distances, perfectly organized bakery: Tool storage areas beneath the machine
  • GS-certified for safety
  • Certified as DIN ISO 9001/2000
  • Made in Germany


  • Space requirements (basic unit) approx. 4790 x 1000 mm
  • Table height 900 mm
  • Table width 700 mm
  • Conveyor belt width 650 mm (of this 600 mm useable)
  • Conveyor belt speed 0.5 - 5 m/min
  • Cutting frame entry height 20 mm
  • Guillotine entry height 40 mm (M40) or 60 mm (M60)
  • Max. Dough thickness for punching 20 mm
  • Guillotine (punching out) 25 strokes/min
  • Guillotine (cutting) 80 strokes/min
  • Number of rows, filling 1 - 4 (4 or 6 rows???)
  • Number of strokes, fluid filling station 45 strokes/min
  • Maximum folding plough unit 2


  • Calibrating head
  • Various filling devices (30/60/F40) for creamy to chunky fillings
  • Wide variety of cutting and decorating rollers
  • Various Guillotines (L) for punching and cutting
  • Wide variety of punching tools and guillotine cutters
  • Moistening device
  • Various strewing units, for example for seeds and spices
  • Coiling rolls for Chelsea buns
  • Croissant coiler (BCW)
  • Folding plough unit
  • Dough piece deposition