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The fully-automatic production of the widest variety of baked goods made from special bread dough, bread roll dough, yeast dough, topped pastry dough, short dough and puff pastry dough…


multicut izdelki1
multicut izdelki2


  • Multi-purpose bakery line for pastries of all sorts, coiled products and bread specialties (e.g. baguette)
  • Modular design permits solutions tailored to your product range (and normal course of operations)
  • Prepared for the future:
  • Punching out and positioning on conveyor belt in one work step - fast and yet gentle on the dough, virtually unlimited variety of dough shapes
  • High output as a result of the high-performance guillotine cutter
  • Simple and easy to operate with its state-of-the-art touch screen color display
  • As many as 100 complete production programs can be stored and called up at the push of a button
  • Outstanding product quality for the widest variety of dough types (including soft dough types)
  • Highest productivity level resulting from speedy changeovers and heavy workload
  • Robust stainless-steel construction: durable, clean in operation
  • Easy to clean
  • GS-certified for safety
  • Certified as DIN ISO 9001/2000
  • Made in Germany


  • Space requirements (basic unit) approx. 6500 x 1737 mm
  • Table height 900 mm
  • Infeed table width 700 mm
  • Infeed table width 700 mm
  • Conveyor belt width 650 mm (dough sheet net 600 mm)
  • Punching stroke for pastries 25 strokes/min
  • Punching stroke for croissants 30 strokes/min
  • Punching stroke, cross cutting 100 strokes/min
  • dough infeed-height, guillotine 70 mm
  • Dough thickness punching 20 mm
  • Dough thickness cross cutting 20 mm (puff pasty and topped pastry dough) / 65 mm (Chelsea buns)
  • Throughput speed Pastry products 0.6 to 6 m/min
  • Throughput speed Croissants max 15 m/min (infeed conveyor: max. 4 m/min) 


  • CRH - the coiler for plain products
  • FRH - the coiler for filled products
  • CCH - the coiler for contoured coils (plain)
  • CSH - the coiler for Mediterranean croissant specialties
  • Baguette coiling unit
  • Paper cutter insertion for guillotines
  • Wide variety of cutting and decorating rollers,
  • Punching tools in many shapes and sizes
  • Various filling devices (30, 60) i.e. with intake rollers or solid body extrusion systems, exchangeable piston set
  • Folding plough unit in various shapes, sizes, and number of rows
  • Top sheet conveyor with calibrating head for production of a full-width double dough sheet
  • Moistening facilities
  • Strewing units for various strewing goods such as sugar, seeds, spices or cake streusel
  • Automatic dough piece deposition baking tray withdrawal
  • Line stoppage for the production of muffins and Amerikaner
  • Lattice cake table for the production of dough lattices
  • Tray cake table for the automated production of tray cakes
  • Table extensions
  • Preceding sheeting systems such as the LAMINATOR 3000/Section 3 or the MULTILINE