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The production of continuous dough sheets of Danish, puff pastry, croissant and yeast dough as well as the soft dough specific of artisan bread. 


  • Cost-effective processing of the most varied dough types
  • Cost-effective processing of the most varied dough types – a key to variety in your product range
  • Continuous top-quality dough sheeting that fits in tight spaces and is interesting for tight budgets
  • Considerable drop in operating costs
  • Low-maintenance and maintenance-friendly, i.e. designed for uninterruptible operation and high profitability
  • Short conversion times, speedy product changes
  • High automation comfort
  • Perfect cleaning and hygiene
  • Robust stainless-steel construction: long-life, perfect hygiene
  • Less need to clean (and this means less down-time) due to coated surfaces, efficient scraper and an overall hygiene-friendly design
  • Cleaning is easy as it gets: Removable flour container and easy access to all machine parts
  • Cross roller uses the patented toothed-belt drive (does not require lubrication)
  • Raised cable duct located outside the cleaning area
  • Individual and combined controllable sections
  • Innovative control: A high-performance control system from the manufacturer of one of the world`s leading brands
  • Central control cabinet located outside the production area
  • User-friendly, touch screen colour display 
  • USB-interface for data security and backups
  • Innovative control cabinet technology