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Ecoline A 100 Aroma system is a special agitator for quick stirring, free of lumps.

Can be readily used for AromaStück® and scalding dough. Easy to control and stores up to 5 recipes.

In the AromaStück®, grain-milled products are heated together with water and the special aroma StartGut®-Bio St. Petersburg. After a defined development time, a large number of aroma components and natural maltose form for a distinctive taste profile.

a ecoline mod


  • Triple-wall stainless steel container with water bath container

  • Navigable, fully wired and plug-in ready

  • Specially-designed agitator which is easy to clean as it is easily and quickly disassembled

  • PLC controlling for storing 5 recipes (flexible time and temperature inputs)

  • Flat cover for filling and cleaning equipped with the final switch

  • Water fi lling nozzle with manually-operated ball valve, ventilation pipes, extraction by means of aball valve DN 65, discharge height 400mm

  • stainless steel heating cartridges, with dry run protection, safety cut-off in case of lack of water

a ecoline 00

Technical data:

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 1290 x 995 x 870 mm

  • Filling height: 1195 mm

  • Outlet height: 405 mm

  • El. connection: 16A 400 V 50 Hz

  • Weight: 210 kg

  • Volumen: 110 L