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Designed to cool chocolate products.

The shortest standard model is 6,6 meter long. The total length can be increased in sections of 2,0 meter. At the front there is an open decorating table for decoration of the products and at the end there is an open packing table.



  • Belt width: 32, 40 or 60 cm
  • Temperature regulation with thermostat
  • Compresor and cooling liquid; with 50mm of insulation
  • Different cooling zones along the lenght of the tunnel
  • Automatic conveyor belt
  • Standard belt speed is variable between 0,0 – 3,0 m/min (other speeds on request)
  • Easy to clean - you can remove parts easily without the use of tools

By means of a cooling compressor, cooling is generated in the cooling section placed in the middle of the cooling tunnel. Cooling of the products is based on an air re-circulating concept, where cold air continuously is circulated from the middle of the cooling tunnel to both ends of the tunnel. Thanks to this air circulation concept, the loss of cold air and necessary energy consumption is minimized.
The conveyor belt is controlled by an automatic belt steering device.

Technical data

Belt width: 32, 40 or 60 cm

Lenght: min 6,6 m, can be increased in sections of 2,0 m

Belt speed: 0,0 – 3,0 m/min

Insulation: 50 mm

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