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A belt width of 60 cm makes the capacity of 2MP60 enrobers perfect for the semi-industrial factory. Even though it is high capacity equipment, 2MP60 has the flexibility which characterize all Chocoma equipment. In a very short time it is possible to change the machine to enrobe with another kind of chocolate without use of tools or special knowledge.


  • Adjustable belt speed: 0,45 - 1,85 m/min
  • Belt width: 60 cm
  • Adjustable double curtain width
  • The total enrobing process can be watched through a hygienic transparent guard
  • The pump and other parts which holds or circulate the chocolate, are designed for cleaning in a few minutes and can be removed without using tools
  • Temperature of the chocolate inside the storage tank is controlled by a digital thermostat
  • The concept of removeable tanks makes it possible to exchange containers with dark, milk or white chocolate

2MPxx izdelki

How it works

  1. The products are placed on the infeed loading table.
  2. They passes via the grill belt through the double curtain of liquid chocolate.
  3. The products passes a blower with variable speed. The individually selected speed of the blower controls the chocolate layer on the products.
  4. The products passes the vibratory mechanism which removes any air bubbles.
  5. Finally the products passes the de-tailer and overhead heater which gives the products the final uniformity and gloss.
  6. Leaving the enrobing section the products enters a take-away table or a cooling tunnel.

 Technical data:



 Belt width

 600 mm

 Belt speed

 0,45–1,75 m/min

 Dimensions (l x w x h)


 Power supply

 200 /240 VAC

 Power consumption

 2,8 kW

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