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Advanced rack oven with the soul of a deck oven

It combines traditional baking like in a classic stone baking oven with efficient oven work and ensures an energy saving potential of up to 30% compared to a conventional rack oven. The unique combination of thermal convection plus thermal radiation with an increased infrared rate produces pastries and large loaves of signature quality

Great for baking pastry, bread and larg loaves (up to 5 kg) and other.


Heat exchanger front view:

r ev heath



- Baked goods with more flavor and aroma, fresher crumbs, longer freshness, optimum volume formation, perfectly delicate windowing, distinctive crusts with vibrant browning

- At maximum energy output the appx. 13m2 transfer surface ensures enhanced heat emission output at an increased infrared rate for maximum efficiency and a gentle response to temperature changes

- The baking chamber walls have a ceramic coating emitting infrared radiation and function at the same time as oversize surface heat exchangers

- The temperature difference between baking chamber and exhaust gas temperatures is just 10–15°C

- ICT tecnology allows heat to transfer faster to the baked goods

- Advanced circulation technology with highly efficient radial fan for baked goods of absolute uniformity

- The drop in temperature after loading is just 5–15°C and assures you an advantage in time and energy.

- Compared to classic rack ovens the R-EVOLUTION weighs approx. 400 kg more

- Cascade steam unit installed right in the hot flue gas duct - thanks to two steam injection tubes, the steam feed is not only fast but absolutely uniform.



Technical data:





 Nr. of racks (20 layers - 20 trays)




 Baking area (distance between trays 84 mm)




Dimensions (w x d x h)


 1580 x 1640 x 2775

 1780 x 1880 x 2775







 ca. 2000

 ca. 2300



  • 20 tray racks, distance between layers 84mm

  • Tray dimensions:  580x780 mm / 580x980 mm / 600x800 mm

  • Compared to traditional rack ovens for 18 trays, you get 11% more capacity
  • It can be enclosed on three sides and is designed according to ergonomic considerations. Servicing the entire oven system can be managed from the front.

r evol

IQ TOUCH control - user friendly

  • A large, high resolution color screen (9.2 inch) display
  • Intiuitive control, similar to smart phones
  • Robust glass surface makes quick clean-up easier
  • Up to 1000 baking programs at a fingertip
  • You can insert your own product images for every baking program or select from 50 existing ones
  • USB connection, LAN/WLAN
  • »Night start«
  • »Stand by« or »eco modus«: when not in use, R-EVOLUTION automaticaly turns off to stand-by mode