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The MULTILINE, measuring a compact 7m in the standard version, is ready to help you produce the widest variety of dough types.

Whatever the scrumptious nourishment you provide your customers -- whether puffed or topped pastries, whether croissants, yeast or rye-wheat breads - the MULTILINE II ensures uninterrupted high-quality production all down the dough sheet.


Like the sheeting unit of an industrial laminating line, the MULTILINE II is equipped with a satellite head, a cross roller unit and a calibrating head. This results in an especially gentle treatment of the dough during the laminating phase - the prerequisite for smooth surface finishes, precise surface weights and the conservation of the pore structure.

The sheeting unit's performance ranges between 100 and 800 kilograms per hour (including left-over dough). The MULTILINE  is in keeping with HACCP regulations in the bake shop and complies with the hygienic regulation norm. High-performance electronic control system, state-of-the-art touch screen technology and 100 product-related programs combine to provide especially easy handling.

For its part, the MULTICUT brings the variety of the baking process into a single focus by combining the functionality of a croissant machine with that of a modern make up table. The MULTICUT now makes it possible to work effectively with puffed and topped pastries, croissants, yeast, wheat and rye-wheat breads on a single machine.

The Fritsch MULTILINE II is the ideal sheeting unit to work alongside the dough-forming professional MULTICUT because the latter works the consistently high-quality dough line continuously into baked goods of the highest quality. This frees the baker to do just about anything he wants. The specialty of the house, seasonal baked goods or baked goods for special events, national and international specialties, fresh or frozen goods... well, the sky's the limit.

Here are a few of the possibilities the MULTICUT offers in respect to baked goods:

  • MULTILINE II and MULTICUT have a uniform control design
  • Capable electronic control and modern touch-screen technology allow for easy handling
  • The control offers 100 product related programs
  • Notices of malfunction are given via signal lamp and, like maintenance notices, on the display as well

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Multiline and Multicut