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The manual dough sheeting machine with long moulder, used for the sheeting of dough blocks and dough sheets of all types up to a working width of 650 and the long moulding of dough pieces such as ciabatta, baguettes, bread rolls, bread sticks, croissants, and many other pastries. 

rollfix 300W


  • Space saving combination device for sheeting dough blocks and dough sheets
  • und for the long moulding of products using the least amount of floor space possible
  • Solid classic with perfect results up to 650 mm of working width
  • Stability: robust stainless steel substructure with lockable castors
  • Convenient single hand and or foot operation for smooth work flow
  • Proven gear changing with constant speed transformation for steady
  • engine power
  • Built to stay robust: hard-chrome plated rollers with scrapers; corpus, tables, and table supports made of stainless steel
  • Simple cleaning: the scrapers of the dough sheeting machine can be dismantled with one grip of the hand
  • Certified safety


  • Dough block processing up to approx. 15 kg
  • Sheeting speed 40 m/min
  • Working width 650 mm
  • Roller clearance 0.1 - 42 mm
  • Table lengths 1.0 - 1.4 m (to the right); 1.2 m on the long moulding side


  • Automatic flour duster / sifter
  • Flattening table (left or right)
  • Pretzel board
  • Safety guards - infeed rollers
  • flour reception cloths
  • drag chain for rolls


ROLLFIX 300 W has an additional and distinct advantage beyond all of the special features of the base model 300: it also masters the art of long moulding of products as an added discipline.
The moulder is mounted on the left conveyor belt table (this version is equipped with a felt belt). In combination with the optional pretzel board you can easily and conveniently produce pretzel products in the typical tapered cord form with the long moulder.
This combination impresses not only through the sheeting results of the dough but also through the long moulding of the products. It also conserves in that area which is always in short supply in the bakery: namely on space.