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Bread has been associated with human history for centuries. It is the food and myth, a basic need and a pleasure of life, our health and our joy.

Preparation of bread is an art that is based on respect for nature and life.

Respect and love for the bread and nature is a basic guide of the company DIOSNA ISERNHÄGER from Germany, which is engaged in the production technology of pre-dough, sourdough and aroma-dough with a variety of seeds.


Advantages of using wheat sour dough:

  • Long lasting freshness

  • Unique flavor and crispy crust of the products

  • Possibility to combine with other procedures

  • Individual recipes

  • Possibility of storage of sour dough without cooling – up to 24 hours

In production, we differentiate pre-dough from sour dough. Wheat pre-dough is prepared by the fermentation process of flour and water, which is started with bakery yeast.

Wheat sour dough is prepared with the help of the appropriate starter DIOStart® culture which contains a defined group of microorganisms responsible for the sensory and biochemical properties of a particular type of sour dough.

Preparation of the wheat sour dough is a 1-step process, which is conducted in a special device, i.e. fermenter. In the fermenter, we first add water, followed by wheat flour, and then the selected DIOStart® starter.

teh psen test
1_Adding ingredients + StartGut® starter                                                                                      2_Mixing, fermentation

  • Fermentation time: 16 hours at 28oC
  • Stabile up to 24 hours without cooling; up to do 48 hour when cooled.

The separation between the wheat predough and the sourdough is very thin and it often cannot be easily determined. Because in the predough, which is prepared with the help of a starter (yeast), the formation of substances that lower pH are underway: enzymatic degradation of flour, dissolution of CO2, activity of naturally occurring microorganisms, ...


startgut 2
Fresh IDIOStart starter


Predough with ‘swelling’ and thermal treatment, various preparation options


1__Cold ‘swelling’...............2__’Welding’ / ‘Welding’ based on Aromastück technology...............3__Steaming


Preparation of predough with thermal treatment based on AromaStück® technology.

With this new technology procedure rye flour and water (flour-water-ratio 100:200) are stirred after adding AromaStück® StartGut® in the machine for 3 hours at 65°C.

In this way a malty-sweet tasting, brown AromaStück® is formed. Furthermore, an increased maltose formation occurs through specific enzymatic reactions. The heating process causes an intensive rising and binding of water. AromaStück® with flour and grains

The AromaStück® can be charged with grains and flour in the same way. Here, it is important to bring the temperature to 85°C after the reaction time. Thus, even by whole grains or very coarse flour a good binding of water is guaranteed.

Advantages in using Aroma Technology

  • Stability of the aroma for 24 hours without cooling, 48 hours with cooling
  • Longer freshness
  • Extraordinary aroma and taste
  • Higher dough yield
  • Possible combination with other predoughs
  • Creation of unique recipes

For products such as briosh, the addition of sugar, eggs and fats can be reduced by 50%. This does not only allow for the additional marketing benefits of your product, but also significant savings in raw materials. Based on the different dosage of the additive, the user has the opportunity to produce completely individual recipes and thus products that are recognizable and different from the competition.

Production of AromaStück® predough

1__Adding raw material                         2__Mixing process                       3__Fermentation process               4__Prepared mass


Encime process: 3 hours at 65°C


Production ingredients

Prepared AromaStuck® mass

 zrnje  zrnje aroma

AROMA predough
can be used to prepare a wide range of milled products, ranging from wheat to rye flour, fine wheat meal or coarse rye fragments, as well as from a wide variety of seeds. The limitation of choice is your imagination and taste.
The advantage of using the technology flavor in the thermal processing of the predough is also that you can use the highest quality raw materials of known origin that are fully in keeping with your taste and conviction.

Types of product made with AromaStück® predough

izdelki aromastueck


AromaStück® dosage guidelines (the ratio of dosage of flour/flour is taken into account)

These values are only recommendations. The amount of the additive depends on the individual requirements of the user and his perception of the flavour profile and the flavour of the product.


Adding 2-3%

Adding 7,5%

Adding 10%

Wheat white pastry
Rye pastry
Special pastry

Wholegrain bread
Rye mixed bread
Wheat mixed bread
White bread
Bread with seeds

Wholegrain bread
Rye mixed bread
Wheat mixed bread
White bread
Bread with seeds





Extended freshness

Extended freshness

Succulent crust

Wholesome, harmonious taste

Aromatic flavour with a slight taste of malt


Darker, rustic looking crust


 Fermentors for predough preparation, DIOSNA ISERNHÄEGER



You can read more on predough technology: HERE


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